Head of Lower School

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I view our job in the Lower School as two-fold. Prepare students for a brilliant future, while relishing in their daily experiences. Each day at Poly Prep is fun, challenging, and special. Each week brings fresh stories, exciting adventures, and new discoveries for our budding learners. 

On any given day in the Lower School, around each corner, you’ll find something magical. Students interviewing a world-class author. A child presenting her solution to a new coding challenge. Future marine biologists collaborating in an ocean seascape where a Kindergarten classroom used to be. Second grade artists turning our dining hall into a celebration of polka dots in the style of Yayoi Kusama. A new friendship. A trumpet lesson. A child asking, “What if?” Our faculty celebrate children’s energy and curiosity, and we have designed an instructional program full of discovery and wonderment. From Nursery through Grade 4, our students engage in rigorous, relevant learning in ways that spark imagination, inspire creativity, and engage their hearts and minds.

Francis Yasharian Head of Lower School
Francis Yasharian

If you’ve ever walked by 50 Prospect Park West on an early weekday morning, you might have wondered what happens in that beautiful historic building to make the children so eager to get to school. We invite you to experience our educational program for yourself. Our Lower School is the happiest place on earth and we’d love to share that with you. 


Francis Yasharian
Head of Lower School

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